Week 12 – Arduino + Processing

Today we’ll be looking at your Organisms and then working with Arduino microcontroller to create a response in both the physical world and the digital plane. Practice Files for Today! Updated ARDUINO TO PROCESSING example P2Arduino_Listener___connection Multipower LEDS https://learn.adafruit.com/digital-led-strip/powering Today’s Schedule Processing Organisms Drawbots Potentiometers Light Control Sound Control Tones Sound Theremins Buttons Arduino –> […]

Week Eight – P5.js + Functions + Arrays + Objects

This week we’ll be focusing in on Functions, Arrays, and Objects. To start – create an account on OpenProcessing.org. Once you have an account, send me an email with a link to your account. We’ll be using this today as an editor for our code. Getting Started with P5.js https://p5js.org/get-started/ Interaction Design – Class Lecture […]

Week Six – Loops, JQuery, & Processing

Please complete this interactive tutorial before class next week: Hour of Code – Processing In Class today we’ll be working with jQuery & Processing. When you arrive please download these files and copy your portfolio to the Sites folder on the network. Processing Loop PDF example jQuery Example Files Processing Tutorial Notes Processing Key Sheet